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Aussie Nick hails from Melbourne Australia where he grew up as a guitar player in the typical rough and tumble pub scene that has produced legendary Oz acts like AC/DC, Cold Chisel, The Angels and Keith Urban. It was the sound of Dire Straits that propelled in him the aching desire to play guitar and Mark Knopfler remains his guitar hero to this day, despite some pretty serious addictions to Angus Young, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Setzer, Robben Ford, Keith Urban and Brad Paisley along the way.

He has travelled far and wide playing across Australia's southern states in a variety of acts most notably with his highly successful 70s glam band Lionel Loves Vinyl. He has also done his stint in the pit in musical theatre, donned his cap on TV on the Bert Newton show with blues rockers Barrelhouse and played his fair share of festivals and corporate gigs. 

In recent years he has hauled his array of Nash, Fender, Gibson, Maton and Gretsch guitars across the globe playing in Singapore, Thailand, Paris, Nashville, Memphis and now the UK. 

Nick has a strong pedigree in music following in the footsteps of Uncle and Liverpool Cavern legend Tony Morris and Virgin recording artist and cousin Hannah Morris. 

Aussie Nick now blends his love of rock and country together in Wrecking Ball, the band he started with Mark Hills. Passionate about the sound they create, he spends his time mainly on arranging, writing, producing, sound and of course chasing that ever elusive killer guitar tone.

In addition he will happily contribute guitar on recordings for up and coming original modern country artists in the UK. Just email him at 

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